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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

CatalogUniversity CollegeGlobal Studies Certificate Program

Global Studies Certificate Program

The Global Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary credential program that enhances global awareness to produce global citizens and leaders. The certificate also provides students the opportunity to develop an individualized program of specialized global skills and knowledge consistent with previous experiences, personal interests, and professional goals.

Learning Outcomes for Global Studies

Students who complete the certificate will be able to:

  1. Explain the origins and influences of global diversity.
  2. Engage and interact effectively with people from other nations, and challenge their own assumptions about the people and cultures of other nations and backgrounds.
  3. Evaluate complex global issues based on specialized knowledge of global perspectives.

Program RequirementsCredits
Global Studies Certificate Program 
Total Credit Hours18
Students must receive a grade of C or higher in all program requirements, or a record of pass, satisfactory, or an equivalent. Courses used to fulfill certificate requirements may simultaneously apply to general education, major, or minor requirements.    
University College Core Curriculum0
Transitional Studies - University Studies1
Transitional Studies - Life Skills
Communication Skills - Written Communication
Communication Skills - Oral Communication
Information Literacy
Reasoning Skills - Critical Thinking2
Reasoning Skills - Quantitative Reasoning3
Scientific Literacy - Natural Sciences4
Scientific Literacy - Social Sciences
Humanities and Creative Arts
Global Literacy5
Ethics and Civic Engagement2
Total Credit Hours18
Global Diversity3
Select three credits from the Global Literacy Core Curriculum    
Global Perspectives and Experiences6
Select 6 credits from the following: Foreign Language or GLBL or Global Internship or GU or Study Abroad    
Specialized Global Skills and Knowledge6
Select 6 credits from the following: ANTH 310 Or ART 321 Or ART 322 Or ART 361 Or ART 381 Or CHIN 310 Or CHIN 330 Or CHIN 331 Or CHIN 332 Or COMM 385 Or CRJC 361 Or DANC 320 Or ECON 351 Or ENGL 311 Or ENGL 312 Or ENGL 320 Or ENGL 323 Or ENGL 340 Or ENGL 350 Or ENGL 360 Or ENGL 401 Or ENGL 411 Or ENGL 412 Or ENGL 432 Or FINC 354 Or FINC 440 Or FREN 311 Or FREN 312 Or FREN 321 Or FREN 322 Or FREN 331 Or GEOG 321 Or GEOG 322 Or GEOG 330 Or GLBL 300 Or HCM 390 Or HIPO 310 Or HIST 311 Or HIST 312 Or HIST 331 Or HIST 350 Or HIST 351 Or HIST 352 Or HIST 353 Or HIST 370 Or HIST 371 Or HIST 372 Or HIST 375 Or HIST 380 Or HIST 430 Or HIST 431 Or HIST 432 Or HIST 441 Or HIST 442 Or HIST 451 Or HIST 470 Or HIST 480 Or INTL 420 Or INTL 450 Or INTL 462 Or MGMT 425 Or MKTG 421 Or PHIL 330 Or PHIL 360 Or POLI 350 Or POLI 351 Or POLI 352 Or POLI 353 Or POLI 430 Or POLI 431 Or POLI 432 Or SOCI 375 Or SOCI 430 Or SPAN 300 Or SPAN 311 Or SPAN 312 Or SPAN 320 Or SPAN 321 Or SPAN 322 Or SPAN 331 Or SPAN 332 Or SPAN 341 Or SPAN 342 Or SPAN 350 Or SPAN 411 Or SPAN 420 Or SPAN 421 Or SPAN 431 Or SPAN 441 Or SPAN 450 Or SPAN 451 Or SPAN 460 Or SPAN 461 Or SPAN 470 Or SPAN 471 Or SPAN 481    
Global Capstone3
GLBL  400    


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