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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

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Department of Elementary Education

The primary mission of the Department of Elementary Education at Fayetteville State University is to offer programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree and initial licensure in Elementary Education; the Bachelor of Science degree and initial licensure in Birth through Kindergarten; the Master of Education degree and graduate licensure in Elementary Education; the Master of Education in Reading and graduate licensure in Reading and licensure only at the initial and advanced levels. The elementary education degree and licensure programs prepare facilitators of learning to teach grades K-6, the Birth through Kindergarten degree and licensure program prepares facilitators of learning to teach B-K, and the reading licensure programs prepare education professionals for teaching reading in grades K-12. The Department also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Birth through Kindergarten that is non-teaching.

Candidates for the initial teaching license (Bachelor of Science [B.S.] degree, non-degree Licensure Only programs,) will complete a series of Evidence requirements to demonstrate their competence in the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. These evidences must be completed during course work and field experiences (if required), and candidates must achieve a minimum rating of Proficient (score of 3.0) on each indicator on the scoring rubrics for course credit and recommendation for licensure. These evidences include: Unit Plan, Case Study, Content Project, and the Leadership and Collaborative Project. In addition, candidates who are required to student teach must also achieve a rating of Met on all parts of the final Certification of Teaching Capacity form.

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