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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

CatalogCollege of Arts and SciencesGOVTMinor in Sustainability

Minor in Sustainability

Minor RequirementsCredits
Minor in Sustainability 
Total Credit Hours18
Each applicant to the minor shall present a proposed plan for approval by both her/ his advisor and the coordinator of the minor; all three electives may NOT be taken within a student’s own department in order to ensure that all students add breadth to th    
POLI  110  And  PHIL  250  And one of the following:  CRJC  400  Or  HIST  375  Or  POLI  313  Or  POLI  431  And three from the following electives:  BADM  220  Or  BIOL  350  Or  CRJC  203  Or  CRJC  402  Or  ECON  212  Or  EDUC  310  Or  EDUC  330  Or  ELEM  320  Or  ENGL  321  Or  ENGL  380  Or  GEOG  270  Or  GEOG  320  Or  HIST  270  Or  POLI  300  Or  POLI  353  Or  SOCI  442  Or  SWRK  220  Or  SWRK  230  Or  SWRK  330    


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