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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

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Department of English

The Department of English strives to contribute to the liberal arts education of all students. Through its English composition courses, the department seeks to ensure that all students develop effective written communication skills. Courses in literature introduce students to different genres, stylistic periods, and methods of interpretation of literature. The Bachelor of Arts degree program is offered by the department in English Language and Literature. In conjunction with the School of Education, the department also offers a teaching degree in English Language and Literature. In addition, the department features a minor in English, a minor in teaching English as a second language, and a minor in writing.

These programs prepare students to succeed in an increasingly information-based economy. The liberal arts education provided by the department prepares students for a variety of career options in fields such as education, publishing, new media, finance, politics, law, and the performing arts. Students in our department are prepared for any field which requires effective communication skills.

The Department of English is the home of Conjure, the literary journal of Fayetteville State University. Other departmental resources include a Writing Center as part of the University College, a Computer Composition Laboratory, the Charles Waddell Chesnutt Library, and several student organizations.

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