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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

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Withdrawal from the University

Before deciding to withdraw from the university, a student must consult with his or her advisor to discuss the reasons for the withdrawal and the student's plan for continuing his or her education. The student can then begin the official university withdrawal process, which is initiated in the Center for Personal Development, located in Room 155 of the Spaulding Infirmary Building. Students who are under 18 years of age must have the approval of a parent or guardian before withdrawing from the university. The official date of withdrawal (for purposes of computing charges and grades) will be the date the student submits the online form. The university will not make any refund of tuition/ fees or room and board charges until four (4) weeks after the student completes the official withdrawal process. All refunds will be made by the method selected by the student for refunds. Students may withdraw from the university until two weeks prior to the beginning of final exams (see Academic Calendars for specific deadlines).

Students seeking to withdraw from the university after the published deadline and who do not meet the criteria for "Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances" must make the request, in writing, to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. This request must include documentation of unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances that prevented the student from meeting the published deadline. Such requests must be made no later than the end of the next regular semester after the semester for which the university withdrawal is requested.

Students who officially withdraw from the university will receive a WU grade in all of their classes (see "Grades" below). Students who receive WU grades may re-enroll in the next regular semester or summer term without making application for readmission, but cannot enroll in the same semester for an 8-week term. Students who seek to withdraw from the university within the deadline but have earned grades in the previous 8-week session will retain those grades. The student will be assigned a WU for the remaining courses.

Hours with a grade of WU count as hours attempted but not completed for the purposes of financial aid. Withdrawal from the University may therefore have an adverse effect on financial aid. In addition, a student who withdraws from the University the semester after being placed on Academic Probation will be considered to have two consecutive semesters below 2.0 for the purposes of calculating academic standing. Withdrawal from the University may therefore have an adverse effect on academic standing as well.


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