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CatalogMid-term and Final Examinations

Mid-term and Final Examinations

At the mid-term and at the close of each semester, course examinations are administered. Since a measure of students’ progress in a course is indicated by their performance on these examinations, they are required of all students except the following: (1) Students who are auditing courses or (2) Students who have maintained a 4.0 average in a course and, at the discretion of the instructor, are excused from the final examination provided that they have been evaluated substantially during the semester.

Since final examination periods are considered part of the instructional time for each class, final examinations are required in all classes. Students not present at an officially-scheduled final examination must contact the instructor of the course before the end of the final exam week to request a deferred final examination. Students who need to defer an examination must furnish valid support for the request. If the deferred examination is granted, a grade of "I" will be assigned. If the instructor is unavailable, the student should seek assistance from the instructor's department chair or dean in contacting the faculty member before the end of the final exam week.

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