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Degree seeking students must complete all requirements of a major field of study, including all correlative requirements such as a minor, concentration, or track. Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to a specific degree program. Therefore, students must submit the online “Declaration of Major” form to request admission to a degree program. Students cannot declare the same program for their major and minor.

Students who enter the university as first-time freshmen are required to declare a major in the second semester of their freshman year if they meet the admission requirements of their intended major. Transfer students must declare a major in their first semester of enrollment. If the department chair accepts a student into a degree program, the department chair will assign an advisor to the student. If students select a major and do not meet the admission requirements for the major, the department may recommend a pre-major category. The department must notify the student of the pre-major and the requirements to be accepted into the major.

A student wishing to change his or her major after officially declaring a major should recognize that the hours completed for the initial major may not be applicable to the new major, which may delay the student's progress toward graduation. Hence, students should take advantage of the educational guidance offered by advisors, administrative officers, the catalog, and the online degree evaluation program, before changing majors. To change a major the student must complete the online change of major form. The chair of the department of the new major will assign the student an advisor.

All degree-seeking students are required to declare a major prior to earning 60 credit hours. Students with no officially declared major and 60 or more credit hours will be blocked from registering for classes.

Special-visiting students must change their status to degree-seeking before submitting the declaration of major form.

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