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Course Repeat Policy

Students may repeat a course, but can only earn credit hours once for any given course (except in cases where the faculty designate a course as one that can earn credit more than once). When a student repeats a course, the lower grade is excluded from the calculation of the Grade Point Average and the higher grade is included. A student is allowed a maximum of 16 credit hours for course repeats without penalty (a student cannot replace the grades of the same course more than once). "Without Penalty" means that only the higher grade will be calculated into the student's Grade Point Average. All original entries and grades will appear on the student's permanent record with the designation that the lower grade has been excluded from the Grade Point Average.

If a student repeats the same course for a second time or more, and/or exceeds the maximum of 16 credit hours, all attempted hours will be counted and all grades will be calculated into the Grade Point Average. However, students can only earn credit once for each course.

If a student earns a passing grade twice for the same course, only one set of course credit hours will be counted toward graduation. 

All repeated courses are included in a student's total attempted hours.  The tuition surcharge will apply for all hours attempted beyond 140 credit hours. 

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