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Challenge Examinations

The university recognizes that exceptional students, by means of special studies or experiences, may already have achieved the objectives of certain courses in the core curriculum; therefore, students may petition to receive credit in selected courses by special departmentally approved examinations referred to as challenge examinations. Credit and a grade of "P" (pass) will be awarded to those who pass the challenge examination. Students may attempt a challenge examination only once per course. Students may not apply for challenge examination credits for courses they have audited, or for lower level courses when credit is received for higher numbered or subsequent courses in the same field or for lower level courses in the same field when the student is currently enrolled in higher number courses. Permission for challenge examination will be given only when there is evidence the student has gained a fundamental knowledge of the subject through prior preparation or experience. Candidates for the baccalaureate degree may earn no more than nine credit hours by challenge examinations. A passed challenge exam will be recorded as earned institutional credit with a grade of "P" (pass) on the student's transcript. A $30.00 fee is required per challenge exam.

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