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Appeal Procedure

Students may appeal academic suspension, excessive hours, and low Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) by submitting the online Letter of Appeal form. The appeal form must be submitted by the timelines indicated: May 15 for summer I, June 30 for summer II, August 1 for fall, and October 30 for spring. The completed form must address each of the following:

  1. The special or unusual circumstances, with documentation, which contributed to the student's academic suspension;
  2. Actions the student has taken to change the circumstances so that they will not contribute again to poor academic performance;
  3. Specific steps the students will take to improve his or her academic status in the upcoming semester;
  4. An address and phone number at which the student may be notified of the committee's decision. 

Appeals will be granted only under extraordinary circumstances that are appropriately documented. Student appeals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Students suspended more than two times will be permitted to re-enroll only under the provisions of the Academic Fresh Start Policy.

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