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Administrative Withdrawals

It is the expectation of Fayetteville State University (FSU) that students will attend all of their classes regularly and consistently and be responsible for notifying faculty members, in advance, of the reasons for any class absences. Attendance in classes taught online is understood to mean regular and consistent interaction with the course website and instructor and submission of assignments according to stated deadlines. Students who are enrolled for a semester/term but stop attending classes shall be required to officially withdraw from FSU. Students who stop attending all classes during a semester, but fail to officially withdraw from FSU, shall be administratively withdrawn by the university in accordance with this policy.

Receipt by a student of one or more of the following grades may lead to the initiation of the administrative withdrawal process:

A. Interim (Warning) Grade for Excessive Absences (EA):

Beginning on the tenth (10th) day of each semester/term and continuing until the deadline for withdrawing from the university, a faculty member shall assign an interim grade of EA (Excessive Absences) to an officially enrolled student who has four (4) consecutive hours of unexcused absences or whose absences jeopardize the student’s success in the class. In assigning an interim grade of EA, the faculty member shall determine the last date of attendance for each student who will receive an EA grade. For online courses, a faculty member shall assign an interim grade of EA to a student who does not interact with the course website for more than one (1) week or who fails to respond to the faculty member’s request(s) for information.

Students and their advisors shall be notified of the EA interim grade. Once the student is notified of the EA grade, the student shall either resume class attendance or withdraw from the class or the university by the specified deadline. If the student does neither, the student shall receive a final grade of FN (failure due to non-attendance).

The EA interim grade is not intended to apply to students who have excused absences. Students are responsible for providing written documentation of excused absences to faculty members. "Excused absences" are limited to documented personal illness, family emergencies, or participation in university sponsored activities.

B. Final Grades

  1. Failure Due to Non-Attendance (FN)
    If a student does not take corrective action in response to an EA interim grade, the instructor shall assign the student a final grade of FN – failure due to non-attendance. Faculty who assign FN grades shall specify the last date of attendance.
  2. Failure Due to Performance (F)
    If a student earns a final grade of F due to his or her performance in class, the faculty member shall specify the student’s last date of attendance which will normally be the date of the final exam.
  3. Administrative Withdrawal from the University (WUA)
    This grade will be assigned to all classes in which a student is enrolled if it is determined that the student stopped attending class during the semester even if the student did not officially withdraw from the university. The WUA grade is equivalent to the WU grade in terms of calculation of GPA and attempted and earned hours.
Administrative Withdrawal Process
A. Review of Student Records:

At the end of each semester, the Office of the Registrar shall determine which students should be administratively withdrawn by reviewing the final grades of all students in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Students with all FN grades will be administratively withdrawn from the university. Such students shall be assigned a final grade of WUA in all of the classes for the semester/term.
  2. Students with a combination of all FN, I, or W final grades, shall have their record reviewed to determine if they stopped attending all classes based on the date of last attendance recorded by each faculty member who assigned an FN grade. If it is determined that the student did not complete the semester, the student will be assigned WUA grades in all classes. If the records indicate that the student completed the semester in at least one class, the student shall NOT receive WUA grades.
B. Effective Date of Administrative Withdrawal:

The effective date of an administrative withdrawal shall be based on the following considerations:

  1. The latest date identified by faculty as the last date of attendance shall be the effective date of the administrative withdrawal, except as noted below.
  2. If a student withdraws from a class after the last date of attendance cited by the instructor, the date of the student’s actual withdrawal from the class shall be used as the effective date of the administrative withdrawal.
  3. If records show that at a date later than any date cited above the student met with an advisor, participated in a study group or academic support activity, completed assignments in Blackboard, or had some other documented interaction with university personnel, then a determination shall be made by the Office of the Registrar as to whether the date of the activity will serve as the effective date of withdrawal.
C. Adjustment of Tuition and Financial Aid:

All forms of financial aid – including, but not limited to scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans – are provided to support students who are attending classes and making satisfactory progress toward degree completion. When the effective date of an administrative withdrawal is determined, the university shall apply its policies on refunds to re-calculate tuition and fees and make appropriate adjustments to a student’s financial aid. Administrative withdrawal may result in the requirement for recipients of financial aid to repay all or some of the aid they received for that semester.


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