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Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

CatalogSchool of EducationELEMME in Reading Education K-12 Concentration Thesis Option

Master of Education in Reading Education K-12 Concentration. Thesis Option

Major RequirementsCredits
Master of Education in Reading Education K-12 Concentration. Thesis Option 
Total Credit Hours36
At this time, the School of Education is suspending graduate admissions to the M.Ed. in Reading Education.  Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Must have a Standard Professional I teaching license.  Overall minimum GPA of 2.5 on 4.0 scale for all undergraduate work or minimum 2.75 on 4.0 scale in last 60 hours of study which may include no more than 12 hours graduate study.  Provide scores from either the GRE general section or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) taken within the last five years.  Submit two letters of recommendation from persons qualified to evaluate student's ability to pursue graduate study in education.  Must have at least a Class A Level License in a teaching field.    
Professional Education Core12
EDUC  610  And  EDUC  641  Or  EDUC  630  And  EDUC  650  And  EDUC  690  EDUC 690 is a prerequisite for EDUC 698 and must be one of first 6 semester hours earned as an M.Ed. degree-seeking graduate student in the School of Education    
Specialization Area21
READ  552  And  READ  605  And  READ  610  And  READ  618  And  READ  620  And  READ  623  And choose one of the following:  ELEM  623  Or  ELEM  680  Or  READ  516  Or  READ  612    
Product of Learning3
READ  698  Or  EDUC  699  Should be taken during the last two regular semesters of coursework.    


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