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Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

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Department of Sociology

The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree program in sociology offers advanced training in the application of theory, research methodology, and data analyses. Our students receive individualized attention at every stage in the program from faculty members who represent a broad spectrum of teaching and research interests - health disparities, demography, family, deviance, and aging. Our students are prepared for employment in the community college system, in industry, and in private and public agencies. The program also provides a very solid foundation for students to pursue doctoral degrees. We offer a thesis option and non-thesis option. Thesis candidates must complete 30 semester hours of course credits and six semester hours of thesis credits. An oral defense of the thesis is required for students who choose the thesis option. Non-thesis candidates must earn a total of 30 semester hours of course credits and six semester hours of practicum or take 6 credit hours of graduate courses in sociology or other graduate programs. Students are required to complete the core curriculum courses (SOCI 500, SOCI 503, 560, and SOCI 590) before they take 600-level courses. All students must pass a written comprehensive examination before graduation.

Additionally, the department offers, in conjunction with the Department of Middle Grades, Secondary, and Specialized Subjects, the following:

  • Master of Education (Secondary Education 9-12. Sociology Specialty Area)
  • Master of Art in Teaching (Secondary Education 9-12. Sociology Specialty Area)

Graduate Certificate in Sociology

The department also offers a Graduate Certificate in Sociology. The graduate certificate curriculum requires 18 credit hours.

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