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Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

CatalogCollege of Arts and SciencesCRJCMS in Criminal Justice Thesis Option

Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Thesis Option

Major RequirementsCredits
Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Thesis Option 
Total Credit Hours33
Undergraduate degree from accredited institution.  Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75 on 4.0 scale.  Provide official scores from the GRE general section taken within the last five years.  Two letters of recommendation from individuals able to speak to applicant's academic abilities.  Personal statement describing applicant's career goals and how earning a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice will help them achieve their goals.  The Criminal Justice Graduate Admissions Committee also will consider 1) evidence in the applicant's personal statement and letters of recommendation indicating a strong potential for success in the gradaute program, and a grade of of "B" or better in two  Please refer to the Admissions section of this catalog for additional application information.    
Core Curriculum12
CRJC  501  And  CRJC  521  And  CRJC  540  And  CRJC  550    
Thesis Courses6
CRJC  698  And  CRJC  699  And if applicable  CRJC  899    
Choose five courses from the following options:
CRJC  500  Or  CRJC  510  Or  CRJC  520  Or  CRJC  530  Or  CRJC  570  Or  CRJC  580  Or  CRJC  590  Or  CRJC  600  Or  CRJC  605  Or  CRJC  610  Or  CRJC  620  Or  CRJC  630  Or  CRJC  640  Or  CRJC  650  Or  CRJC  660  Or  CRJC  670  Or  CRJC  690  And  CRJC  691  Students may take CRJC 670 up to three times with different topics. Instructor permission is required for CRJC 690 and CRJC 691.  Courses chosen with guidance of advisor. May take up to 12 semester hours outside the department (of these, a maximum of 6 hours may be transferred from another university.)  


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