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Transfer Credits

A maximum of six (6) semester hours of transfer credits for graduate courses with a grade of B or higher may be accepted toward completion of a master’s degree at Fayetteville State University. The doctoral program allows for six (6) hours of transfer credit; however, these six (6) hours may not be in the core. The remaining hours must be earned in residence. Only courses that counted toward a degree at a regionally accredited institution will be considered for transfer credit. Correspondence courses at any institution will not be accepted.

Students wishing to transfer credits must submit the “Transfer of Course(s) Evaluation Form,” official transcripts, and other appropriate course identification information (e.g., copy of course description from catalog, course syllabus) to the advisor for initial approval. The recommendations of the advisor should be forwarded to the department chair and dean of that school or college for approval. Course work may be transferred upon the student’s admission into a graduate school program. Course work transferred must not be older than six (6) years at the time the intended Master’s Degree or eight (8) years at the time the intended Doctoral Degree is awarded.

Students wishing to pursue courses at another university to transfer to Fayetteville State University must obtain the approval of the department chair and the dean of the school or college prior to taking the courses. Students should submit the “Request to Pursue Courses for Transfer to Fayetteville State University” form. The form is posted on The Graduate School website.

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