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Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

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Termination Due to Grades/Dismissal Policy

Graduate students who receive three (3) “C” grades or one (1) “F” or “U” grade in any graduate level course(s) will not be eligible to register for subsequent semesters at FSU.

Graduate students who receive a third “C” or one “F” in the semester they intend to graduate are terminated from the program and are not eligible for graduation until a petition for readmission is resolved.

Continuous enrollment rules apply in the circumstance of termination. Students who are terminated from their programs because of failure to maintain continuous enrollment and/or who have not been granted a leave of absence during a fall or spring semester will be required to reapply for admission and pay the application fee again if they wish to resume their graduate study at Fayetteville State University.

Petition for Readmission after Termination/Dismissal from Graduate Program

When special circumstances warrant, a graduate student who has been terminated/dismissed from the graduate program due to poor performance may petition for consideration for conditional admission to improve upon his or her performance. In the petition, a student must provide very strong evidence to have any chance of a successful review. That is, a student who wishes to petition for conditional admission must realize that he or she will be required to provide evidence to show that his or her performance will improve if given a second chance. A request for conditional admission must be submitted to the department chair/director, who will ask the program faculty members familiar with the student’s academic performance to evaluate the petition. In evaluating the petition, the program faculty members will, among other factors, consider the special circumstances presented by the student and his or her potential to improve upon her performance. If the program faculty members opt to readmit the student, a conditional readmission recommendation will be sent to the department chair/director, who will transmit the recommendation to the college/school Dean. The Dean will review the recommendation and notify the student, the department chair, and graduate coordinator of his or her decision. Approval of the conditional readmission may be contingent upon the student meeting additional requirements imposed by the program faculty. If the student satisfies the conditions and improves upon his or her performance, the conditional status will be removed. A conditional readmitted student who receives an additional grade of C or F will be permanently dismissed from the graduate program.

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