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Policy on Completion of Dissertation

Candidates who have completed their course work and the number of dissertation hours for credit required in their doctoral degree program must take one of two actions as follows:

Candidates who will continue to use Fayetteville State University resources in completing their degrees must enroll in EDLE 990 and pay tuition and fees for not less than three (3) hours of continuing completion of dissertation credit each semester. These hours will not count toward the degree and will carry a different course number than those dissertation courses that are included within the hours designated for the degree.

Candidates who will not use Fayetteville State University resources should apply for a leave of absence. Candidates choosing this option must file a formal petition in writing with the Dean of the School of Education for a leave of absence that states that they will not use university resources during the leave period. Candidates granted a leave of absence must re-apply by submitting an application to the Dean of the School of Education to activate their status in the doctoral program. Regardless of the course of action selected, all candidates must be enrolled in EDLE 740 or EDLE 999 during the semester in which they complete their graduate work or are scheduled to receive their degrees.

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