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Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 (old site)

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A written dissertation and its defense are required for all doctoral candidates. The purpose of the dissertation is to provide an experience in scholarship, which will be of enduring value to the student in understanding how new knowledge is developed. The dissertation provides tangible evidence of the candidate’s development as a scholar and especially his or her capacity to discover and communicate research findings effectively. The dissertation should also increase the body of knowledge in the candidate’s chosen field. Dissertations prepared by candidates for the doctoral degree in Educational Leadership must represent a well-defined investigation into a subject, which has been approved by the Dissertation Committee and the Dean of the School of Education. The candidate may register for EDLE 740 – Dissertation (fall semester of third year) only after completing 54 credit hours, passing the comprehensive examinations, and being admitted formally to candidacy. The doctoral candidate must be enrolled continuously until the dissertation has been completed and defended successfully. After doctoral candidates earn six credits in EDLE 740, they must enroll in EDLE 999, Dissertation – Non Credit, until the dissertation is completed and defended. The dean of the college or school will ensure that all guidelines and policies governing the dissertation are adhered to in order to ensure the successful completion of requirements for the dissertation.

Dissertation Advisory Committee

A dissertation committee will be established through the coordinated efforts of the Director of the Ed.D. Program. The committee will consist of a minimum of three (3) graduate faculty, one (1) of whom must be the chair of the Dissertation Committee and one from outside the candidate’s major department. All committee members must have current graduate faculty status. The committee membership must be approved by the chair of the department/director and the Dean of the School of Education. Dissertation Advisory Committee Membership Form is posted on The Graduate Programs website. If the approved committee membership changes, a new form indicating the proposed new committee membership must be submitted for approval.

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